My PECS Starter Book - Autism 81 Visual Symbols! Visual Therapy Schedu – Autism Whispers

My PECS Starter Book - Autism 81 Visual Symbols! Visual Therapy Schedule Communication Book

The Autism Whisperer

$ 85.00

Amazing schedule book and 80 PECS symbols READY TO USE! Cut, corner rounded symbols 2"x2"!

This book now comes in FOUR Color Combos!!!! ( red/blue, pink/blue, green /blue, purple/blue)

This book is designed to help give your child the tools necessary to communicate their needs and covers the basics for two-way communication with your child. This book comes fully assembled and READY TO USE! All movable symbols are attached with hook Velcro and all book surfaces have loop Velcro attached.

MY SCHEDULE: Has several choices that are designed to convey a typical daily schedule. You can expand on this as your child progresses. Some of the choices are: get dressed, eat, take a bath, brush hair, brush teeth, put on pajamas, bedtime story, etc.

I WANT: Has several food choices that are appealing for young children. Such as: cereal, chicken nuggets, fish crackers, juice, milk, pizza, and more!

I FEEL: There are 9 emotions to help your child identify his or her emotions. You can use this page as a tool to help them figure out and explain how they are feeling or how others are feeling.

I WANT TO PLAY: Help your child choose which toy, game or activity they want to play. This page helps put them in control of what they wish to do as an activity. There are many choices and include some boy and girl specific toys to help personalize this book.

We have the highest quality PECS products on the internet. Our products are commercially laminated using a 6-roller machine. Each page is monitored and is heated to 300 degrees then immediately cured to ensure a proper bond. Most of our products are purchased by schools and need to be kid tough. Our products are classroom quality and approved by schools and teachers.

The PECS books come with velcro for the book and PECS card. Everything is printed in COLOR on heavy 110lb cardstock and heat laminated with commercial grade plastic. The book is 8x11 and the symbols measure 2x2 inches. The book is bound with a vinyl coil binding.

This book is great for children with Autism, PDD-NOS, Asperger's syndrome, Down syndrome or other developmental delays.

The Autism Whisperer™
Visual Aids for Visual Kids™

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