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Follow the Rules at School - Autism Social Skills Story PECS - Visual Aid Book

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Following the very basic safety rules at school can make a big difference in their day. Use this social story to help your child understand some of the most basic rules for safety at school:

1) WALK in the hallways
2) STAY NEAR when leaving the classroom
3) LISTEN to my teachers and aids
4) DON'T TOUCH others and keep my hands to myself
5) RAISE MY HAND if I need to ask a question
6) BE QUIET and use my inside voice
there are 10 RULES in the book, please check out the pictures of the listing.

This is a great tool to be able to prepare your child for learning some very basic safety rules while at school.

This book has the added benefit of PECS Sentence Strips. This provides the additional benefit of attaching a picture to every word in the story. Because children with autism think in pictures, they also learn in pictures.

Purpose of social stories:
• I ncrease understanding
• D ecrease anxiety
• E ducate your child about an event
• A ffirm success
• S hare information

This story is 14 pages and measures approx. 8" x 6". ALL MATERIALS are printed in color on heavy duty card stock and heat laminated with commercial plastic. The book is bound with a vinyl coil binding and is extremely durable.

You may receive a yellow book or it may be a different color altogether. The inside of the book is the same.

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