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Choosing My Angry Words - PECS Autism Social Skills Story Therapy Book

The Autism Whisperer

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This is a book for Middle School and High School age kids who have angry outbursts at home and/or at school.

Sometimes kids with autism say things that are inappropriate. They may say some things that they really don't mean. It can be difficult to control their verbal outbursts. However, they need to learn to use their words to explain how they feel.

This book gives a list of -- Good Angry Words to use like: I need a break! I don't like change! I feel sad! I need to talk! I'm worried! Listen to me! I'm frustrated!

And also a list of -- Bad Angry Words that should not be used like: I hate you! I want to hurt you! I hate my life! I wish I was never born! You are a *#%@!!! Nobody likes me!

This book can help explain these important social cues and can have a positive impact on their social development.

Purpose of social stories:
• I ncrease understanding
• D ecrease anxiety
• E ducate your child about an event
• A ffirm success
• S hare information

This story is 14 pages and measures approx. 8" x 6". ALL MATERIALS are printed in color on heavy duty card stock and heat laminated with commercial plastic. The book is bound with a vinyl coil binding and is extremely durable.

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