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PECS Weekly Planner Schedule Kit - Autism Visual Schedule and Planner

The Autism Whisperer

$ 85.00
Designed to be very budget friendly and all encompassing. You have everything here from daily activities, grooming, therapies, holidays and special occasions, velcro, and a heavy duty bound schedule book. All in color and commercially laminated.

My PECS Weekly Planner is a comprehensive schedule book for children with autism. This book was designed to be a complete and affordable book for families who have a child on the spectrum.


1 - Schedule Book (laminated and bound)
5 - Pages of symbols (175 PECS laminated and uncut)
1 - Pkg. Hook velcro dots (190 adhesive dots)
1 - Pkg. Loop velcro dots (190 adhesive dots)
1 - Page of days of the week (7 laminated and uncut)

You will receive a variety of symbols that include daily activities (breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, backpack, bus, etc.) appropriate for boys and girls. You will also get a variety of holidays and special occasions, days of the week, grooming, meals, therapies, activities (swimming, watch dvd, computer time, grocery shopping). There are 175 PECS schedule icons.

Everything is commercially laminated and your book is bound with a vinyl coil binding. You can cut apart your symbols and days of the week with a pair of scissors or paper cutter, either will work just fine, you just need to cut on the lines. Apply your velcro to the center of the back of your symbols and back of the days of the week (hook recommended) and then to the book surfaces (loop recommended). And your book is ready to go!

Everything is printed in COLOR on heavy 110lb cardstock and heat laminated with commercial grade plastic. The book is 8x11 and the symbols measure 1 1/2 x 1 5/8 inches. These are the smallest PECS we carry and do not come pre-cut, you will need to cut them yourself. This size was designed for this book only, and not intended to be used with our other PECS products. The book is bound with a vinyl coil binding.

This book is great for children with Autism, PDD-NOS, Asperger's syndrome, Down syndrome or other developmental delays. This book is for school age elementary through high school. This books comes with the PECS seen and is not variable.

We have the highest quality PECS products on the internet. Our products are commercially laminated using a 6-roller machine. Each page is monitored and is heated to 300 degrees then immediately cured to ensure a proper bond. Most of our products are purchased by schools and need to be kid tough. Our products are classroom quality and approved by schools and teachers.

The Autism Whisperer™
Visual Aids for Visual Kids™

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