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My Daily Schedule - Fully Loaded - Autism Daily Picture Schedule Book - 80 PECS

The Autism Whisperer

$ 85.00
My Daily Schedule Book -
Fully Loaded with 80 PECS Symbols (2"x 2" pecs that are cut and corner rounded) Visual Aid for Autism Therapy/Communication

Are you ready to begin a PECS picture schedule with your child, this book is just perfect. You can use this book to schedule your child's entire day from WAKE UP to GO TO SLEEP.

Choose from:
1) Boy (boy oriented and unisex symbols)
2) Girl (some girl oriented symbols)

ALSO, You may customize the book with your child's name if you wish. When you order, you will be able to send a note to the seller, please type your child's first name to be placed on the book. Or you cans send me an Etsy message.


You can UPDATE or further CUSTOMIZE your child's book at anytime! If you wish to order an additional set of specific 20 symbols, check out this listing. If you need to, you can include more specific foods, routines, or activities if you wanted to. You can order these anytime, you can try the book with your child first and then order symbols to adjust to fit your child's needs.


You don't have to do any cutting or laminating. The book comes with Hook (scratchy) Velcro for your symbols and Loop (fuzzy) Velcro for book surfaces.

Scheduling segments include:
Work (use this page to schedule home-therapy or home schooling)
School (schedule mornings on school days differently)

This book comes with 80 picture symbols for each specific part of your child's day. Great for home schoolers!

The PECS books come with velcro applied to the book and each symbol. Unless otherwise specified loop velcro (soft, fuzzy) will be applied to the book surfaces and hook velcro (scratchy) will be applied to individual symbols.

We have the highest quality PECS products on the internet. Our products are commercially laminated using a 6-roller machine. Each page is monitored and is heated to 300 degrees (that is 150 degrees higher than home laminating machines). Most of our products are purchased by schools and need to be kid tough. Our products are classroom quality and approved by schools and teachers.

This book is 9 pages, holds 80 symbols and measures 8" x 11". ALL MATERIALS are printed in color on heavy duty cardstock and heat laminated with commercial plastic. The book is bound with a vinyl coil binding and is extremely durable. Colors of the cover may vary slightly, but does not affect the use of the book.

The Autism Whisperer™
Visual Aids for Visual Kids™

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