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My Body Parts Keyring Activity - ABA Activity - Autism Therapy

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Learning your body parts can be fun and easy with this wonderful keyring activity! This visual aid helps provide a focal point for you to begin teaching your child or student. Each body part is clearly shown and labeled. This is how the activity goes:

1) Show your student a picture (foot) and say, "Foot. This is a foot. Where is your foot?" In the beginning you can point to the child's foot and say, "There's YOUR foot." and then ask, "Where is MY foot?"

As your student progresses you can use the keyring activity in a different way.

2) You can show them a picture and say, "Point to your foot." You will love seeing the look of accomplishment on their faces when they are soon doing this activity effortlessly.

There are 24 body part symbols in all. Each card is 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches and placed on a ring binder. You can arrange your symbols in any order you need to and remove or add symbols you find beneficial for your child. This set includes common locations for outings (i.e. grocery store, visit, home, grandparent's house, park, school, etc.), emotions (i.e. sad, happy, frustrated), as well as other communication symbols such as: bathroom, good job!, wait 1 minute, more, all done.

The Autism Whisperer™
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