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I See - ABA Keyring Activity - Autism Visual Aid PECS

The Autism Whisperer

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Expand your child's view of the world outward! Play this visual game and encourage them to LOOK at the world around them. Notice the grass, the trees, the people!

Based on an ABA exercise: Take a walk with your child and bring this keyring activity with you! Show your child the mailbox, let them touch it, say the word out loud. Make those connections. You will be amazed at the experience and how much more meaningful it becomes for your child!

This is a wonderful Keyring Activity to promote an expansion of outward attention. Use during car rides, bus field trips, or walks outside. Pointing out the various items along the way. You will soon see your child visually recognizing common community sites like: fire hydrant, stop sign, house, bridge, fence, sidewalk, and more.

There are 24 symbols in all and are a larger 2 1/2 inch x 2 1/2 inch size and printed in color on 110lb cardstock and commercially heat laminated with 5 mil plastic. Each symbol is hole-punched in the corner, and placed on a silver, binder-ring style key ring. You can open the keyring and remove any symbols you don't want or need, and rearrange them in any order.

The front and main card is called the 'indicator' card. This card is displayed and lets your child know what learning activity is about to take place.

The Autism Whisperer™
Visual Aids for Visual Kids™

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