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Autism Whispers

Tips for helping individuals with ASD

Karin Martin

It is important to seek professional advice about suitable treatment strategies for people with ASD. The age of the person, and the severity of their difficulties are both important factors to consider when deciding on what can help. Listed below are some strategies that can be put in place to assist parents and other carers of people with ASD. Provide a reasonable level of daily structure through the use of a daily or weekly diary and prepare the person for any changes to their routine. When a significant change is going to happen, spend time prior to the event talking...

What Are Social Stories and How Effective Are They?

Karin Martin

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Social Stories “Social stories were developed in order to support individuals with autism to better cope with social situations." - Ali and Frederickson (2006, p. 355) What is a Social Story? A Social Story can be a written or visual guide describing various social interactions, situations, behaviours, skills or concepts and were introduced and described by Gray and Garand (1993). According to Gray (2010) ‘a Social Story describes a situation, skill, or concept in terms of relevant social cues, perspectives, and common responses in a specifically defined style and format. The goal of a Social Story is to share accurate...

Meeting Sensory Needs On a Budget

Karin Martin

I have a sensory seeker, which means I have a kid who loves to move and groove. She loves to jump, swing, run, body check me, be squeezed–anything that provides input to her body, she craves. When she was a toddler, she would run around the house clutching an object in each hand and hum a very low guttural hum. It took me quite some time to realize that she did that because the vibration she could feel in her chest from that particular tone felt good to her.

Ask an Autistic - Amethyst Schaber

Laura Behrendt

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I came across the most wonderful video the other day. This young woman's name is Amethyst Schaber and she has Autism. She has a blog called and she also has a youtube channel. Look her up! I really love her videos. She shares her insights into the autistic world and she is so articulate about it. I just love what she is doing with her videos.

New Products Are Coming to the Website!

Laura Behrendt

The site has been a work in progress and I haven't had as much time as have needed to keep up with the updating and adding products. Over the next few weeks I will be dedicating time to this task and getting my latest and greatest visual tools on the website!  Here is one of my most favorite products that I will be adding soon. It is a book filled with lunch choices that your child or student can pick from each day! It is color coded for ease of use. The teachers and kiddos that have used this have...