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Reviews for The Autism Whisperer products

Karin Martin

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Here is a sampling of reviews and as you can see we have some very happy clients! We strive to have the best PECS products on the market and I think we have succeeded. Our clients and their feedback are so valuable. Without your word of mouth advertising, we would not be able to provide products to families who need them! (click read more to see our reviews) Giveaway (Week of March 7th, 2016)

Karin Martin

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Really trying to spread the word with this week's Autism Whisperer Giveaway!! This is a Custom PECS Starter Schedule Book! So I am going to keep this very short and sweet. HOW DO I ENTER? 1) 'Like' our Facebook Page; or 2) If you have already Liked our Facebook Page then you can comment on this post or share it with family, or on a Facebook group that pertains to autism.  Ends March 14th, 2016. Winner announced March 15th, 2016. A 'Like' is counted as (1) one entry, a 'comment' is counted as (1) one entry, and a 'share' is...

Mommy, You Don't Have To Be Sorry...

Karin Martin

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(I read this in a facebook post and wanted to share it. I don't know who wrote it, so if you do please tell me so I can give them credit here. But this is so beautiful I just had to post it to this blog to share with other autism mommies.) Dear Mommy, You don’t have to be sorry. The other day, I heard you crying in the bathroom. That was the day that you just couldn’t take it anymore. My brother spilled a gallon of organic milk, which apparently “costs more than college,” and I had an accident... PECS Schedule Giveaway!!

While are introducing the new website name we purchased in 2015!!! We feel it better reflects our brand and resonates more the community we serve.  ENTER TO WIN:  Go to and LIKE The Autism Whisperer Facebook page. Then scroll down to the post about the PECS Weekly Planner and Like it and Share it with your people. Then you are entered to win the product in the posted giveaway. In an effort to boost Facebook recognition, and not by 'buying' Likes, we are going to be offering a series of giveaways every 1-2 weeks. When people Like and Share...

What Are Social Stories and How Effective Are They?

Karin Martin

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Social Stories “Social stories were developed in order to support individuals with autism to better cope with social situations." - Ali and Frederickson (2006, p. 355) What is a Social Story? A Social Story can be a written or visual guide describing various social interactions, situations, behaviours, skills or concepts and were introduced and described by Gray and Garand (1993). According to Gray (2010) ‘a Social Story describes a situation, skill, or concept in terms of relevant social cues, perspectives, and common responses in a specifically defined style and format. The goal of a Social Story is to share accurate...