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Autism and Easter: One Mother's Thoughts

Karin Martin

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I was online today in a discussion group and was really struck by this mom's post. Here it is: 
I don't post often but wanted to pass on a moment of realization I had this morning to all my fellow autism parents. I drove into the church lot this morning , saw all the parents walking with their little ones , all dressed up in their beauitiful Easter outfits, hair done , looking so nice. Immediately I reflected on my choice. Khakis with a yellow sweater , hair in a messy bun, no make up. Before autism , I was one of those moms , all dressed up , hair done nicely , makeup put on with care. I wanted to turn the car out of the lot , escaping from embarrassment because of how I looked. I just honestly don't take the time for myself anymore. 13 years after an autism diagnoses and I'm still not used to it. Probably never will be. But a voice inside told me to stop the car , go into church the way I do every week. Because I belong there. He doesn't pass judgement , doesn't think I'm a bad mom, certainly doesn't care about what I choose to wear . He understands.
We are all doing the very best we can. We ARE enough for our kids. There are those that pass judgement on us , and probably will continue to do so , as they don't walk in our shoes.
I just wanted to pass that message on to all of you , and hope you have a wonderful day spent with your families.
She really said it well I think. I am pretty sure there are a lot of moms (probably dad's too) that don't take time for themselves and can be overwhelmed. Maybe it means that we realize what is truly important. It's not our appearance and how pretty our family 'looks' to others. It's how we parent our children. It's how we react to a crisis. It's not the 'show' that is put on for the world and social media.

I just loved what she wrote and how real she spoke. Have a Happy Easter to those who are celebrating it.

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  • I don’t really get it, why would someone have to change their life after getting diagnosed for their neurotype? I thought diagnosis was supposed to help adults be able to find coping strategies and become okay with who they are? It sounds like she might need a better therapist if she’s getting let down like that.


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