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Karin Martin

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Here is a sampling of reviews and as you can see we have some very happy clients! We strive to have the best PECS products on the market and I think we have succeeded. Our clients and their feedback are so valuable. Without your word of mouth advertising, we would not be able to provide products to families who need them! (click read more to see our reviews)

The Autism Whisperer Products FAQs

Laura Behrendt

~~~~HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET MY ORDER?~~~~ It will take 3-5 business days in my shop to fulfill most orders (for a custom order, possibly an extra 3-5 business depending on my caseload). Then your order will shipped and a tracking number emailed to you if you have provided an email address. If you are within the USA it is approximately 2-6 days for shipping. If you are OUTSIDE the US it really varies depending on where you are but approximately 5 days to 3 weeks. **If your order is a custom social story, you will need to contact me...

What It Feels Like To Be A Special Needs Mom

Karin Martin

I just wanted to share this because I think there are a lot of moms who can relate.

A Silent Lesson in Special Needs Acceptance

Laura Behrendt

You just never know how your actions will impact others. Even 30 years later. Many years ago when I was 15 years old I had a life changing moment. Although I didn't even know it at the time. I was at a very large mall back in the 80's and everyone came to shop there. It was right next to a couple of wealthy and middle-class burbs. It was a lovely day and I was spending it with my best friend doing some carefree shopping and teenage girl bonding. We had stopped to take a break on a bench in a somewhat...

Autism and Easter: One Mother's Thoughts

Karin Martin

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I was online today in a discussion group and was really struck by this mom's post. Here it is:  I don't post often but wanted to pass on a moment of realization I had this morning to all my fellow autism parents. I drove into the church lot this morning , saw all the parents walking with their little ones , all dressed up in their beauitiful Easter outfits, hair done , looking so nice. Immediately I reflected on my choice. Khakis with a yellow sweater , hair in a messy bun, no make up. Before autism , I was...